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SportFence™ sports fencing, picket fence, and sandbag systems have everything you are looking for in recreational and upscale fencing products.

The unique, portable athletic fence system has been in use across the U.S. and abroad since 1987. The present SportFence™ system features a built-in spring-loaded foot mechanism completely re-designed for maximum dependability and with safety as its primary function. It has been upgraded to its highest efficiency level by SportFence™ current manufacturing process. We have never had a failure with our new breakaway mechanism since it was redesigned in 2003.

Because of the high quality and reliability of ALL our fence products we offer a 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Our SportFence™ system is ideal for baseball and softball outfield applications; football and soccer field enclosures and any other outdoor sports application in which players' safety is paramount. Where safe outdoor recreation is concerned, SportFence™ system is unbeatable. Within every hand-built panel there is a unique breakaway mechanism. And our secure wicketing system is not meant to pull out of the ground on impact. Compare our wickets to others on the market and you will see the difference.

All of SportFence™ fence products are manufactured with the highest quality, Georgia Gulf PVC with UV protections. This will insure a long life with no deterioration due to extended outdoor exposure.

The previous SportFence and our new upgraded and redesigned version also bring in revenue for their teams and leagues by renting the fence out to other interested parties in their area. Renting out the system is easy. SportFence™ fencing can also double as crowd management enclosure fencing, and is endlessly configurable owing to its being flexibly connected. There are so many uses for our fence that, should you wish to rent it out, there will be many opportunities to make the fence available to those who haven't their own fencing to use for their events.

We are pleased to introduce our new portable Picket and Lattice fences. With six new models, these upscale fences have countless uses: from dog shows and kennels to uses in parks, weddings, crowd control, horse shows, golf tournaments..the uses go on and on. Please click into our Picket Line page and get a good idea of the diversity.

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Permanent Vinyl Picket Fences
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